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Class List

2023 "Best of the West" Series Class List

Ski Pro GP

Ski Expert GP

Ski Expert Vet GP

Ski Expert Lites

Ski Novice Lites

Ski Expert Vet Lites

Ski Yamaha 4 Stroke Lites

Ski Novice Stock 1500

Ski Expert Stock 1500

Ski Expert Vet Stock 1500

Ski Master Stock 1500

Ski Grand Master Stock 1500

Ski Women’s Stock 1500

Ski Women's Lites


Junior Ski 10-12 Lites

Junior Ski 13-15 Lites

Junior Ski 10-15 Lites


Vintage X2 650 Ltd

Vintage X2 Open

Vintage 550 Open

Vintage 650/750 Open


Sport Spec


Runabout Stock (Pro/ Expert /Novice)

Runabout 1100 Stock (Spark, EXs and EXRs)

Runabout N/A Stock (2 Stroke limited, 4 stroke N/A)

Runabout Pro Open


Freestyle Pro

Freestyle Amateur

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