Rules for Racing and Race Site

As a promoter we understand the cost of rule changes from year to year, we also understand how detrimental rule changes can be for a class or classes, example the recent changes in rules regarding Hydro Space, the addition of extra aftermarket parts that were not legal the year before costing racers 1000’s of dollars to be competitive the following year.  With that said we are using the guidelines that you will have to use at the World Championships.

Registering to Race On-site:

We strongly encourage you to register online.  Waiting until race day to register causes more delays and makes it more difficult for us to get racing started on time.  We get it if you're unable to get registered on occasion but please try to register online.  It really does make things smoother on the morning of the races.  You don't have to pay until you get to the races.  You can pre-pay as well which saves even more time but it's not required.​

Safety Inspections:

We will be enforcing safety tech, when you arrive with your watercraft at the races you will be safety teched and made sure that you and your watercraft are race ready.

  • Throttle operates freely and does not stick

  • Lanyard is present and pulling the lanyard stops the running engine

  • Fuel line ends will be fastened and fuel lines will be secured

  • Intake grates shall not protrude lower than 12mm below the bottom of the boat

  • Grips must be present and must be secure and not move

  • Gas caps must be present and secure

  • Helmet must be present that are DOT or Snell approved

  • Coast Guard approved life vest must be present

  • Race number on ski/runabout must be visible and legible, improper numbers may cause scoring issues.


Class specific rules:
  • Veteran classes minimum age is 35 years old

  • Masters classes minimum age is 45 years old

  • Juniors classes are 10-12 and 13-15 respectively

Times to Note:
  • Late Registration check-in is on Fridays between 4-6 at the race site scoring trailer.

  • Gates open at 6:30 am on race day

  • Registration is open On Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 am to 7:30 am.

  • Riders Meeting is at 7:30 am

  • Practice starts at 8:00 am - Races start at 9:00 am


Race Site Rules:
  • Waterfowl mitigation, do not chase or hit any water foul inside our perimeter buoys.  If water foul is spotted please inform a Jet Jam Official so that it can be dealt with.

  • There will be no fueling over the water.  Skis must be brought out of the water by 20' and fueled

  • Areas that are sectioned off with tape are off limits and cannot be used to pit or spectate from.

  • Pit Vehicles are allowed (5 mph speed limit must be observed, helmets must be worn by anyone under the age of 16)

  • The water is closed at the race site on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and before and after the races each day. (At no time, unless racing are racers allowed on course, or use of portion of course buoys)

  • You must obey Arizona State and local water laws when entering water outside of our Perimeter buoys - failure to comply may result in a ticket.

  • There is no warming up or testing in the London Bridge Channel or in Thompson Bay

  • Always wear your helmet and life vest inside of the race area perimeter buoys.

  • NO Alcohol is allowed in the racer pits, until the conclusion of the races that day.  If a racer is caught drinking alcohol, you will no longer be allowed to race that day.




After each moto the entire class will make its way to tech and check in, this is to confirm watercraft numbers and make sure that you did not race one ski one moto and another ski another moto in the same class. 


If you have an issue with a broken ski and need to change, you must come to the tech director and  make him aware of what you are trying to do and he will determine the best plan to approach your issue.  Again we are local racers if you want to cheat in a particular class, you are only cheating your fellow racer and the potentially affecting his attendance at future races.  We can self govern ourselves.  If we have and issue where someone maybe cheating and someone is protesting another rider then we will address it.


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