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How Our Races are Scored


  • Series - All of the races in one calendar year/season

  • Round - This is one full day of racing.  Each weekend has two rounds, one for each day

  • Moto - One round of races for every class that is registered to participate

  • Race - The actual race where competitors race each other on the course

  • Place - The place where each rider finishes at the conclusion of the race

  • Points - Every place is awarded points following the point schedule below

  • Overall - This is the combined point results across motos, rounds, or for the series.

How Points Are Awarded:

Finishing places of Moto 1 an Moto 2 are added together.  At the end of the day the rider with the lower number is the winner and is awarded points following the points schedule below.  For example, if a rider got a 1st and a 2nd place finish, that totals 3.  If another rider got a 1st and a 3rd, that totals 4.  The first rider would take 1st place overall for the round and they would be awarded 60 points.  If there is ever a tie where a rider gets a (1, 2) and another rider gets a (2, 1) the placement in the second moto will break the tie.

For example, if the following riders are scored for both rounds in a weekend and one rider placed (1st, 3rd, 1st, and 2nd) and the other rider placed (3rd, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st) their points would break down like this:

  • Rider A: 1 (60 points), 3 (48 points), 1 (60 points), 2 (53 points) = 221 Points

  • Rider B: 3 (48 points), 2 (53 points), 2 (53 points), 1 (60 points) = 214 Points


In the above example, Rider A is the overall winner for both rounds combined.

The above system will be utilized to determine overall series winners at the end of the season and will also be used to determine the overall winners for the weekend where both rounds are combined.

Points Table

1st = 60 Points

2nd = 53 Points

3rd = 48 Points

4th = 43 Points

5th = 39 Points

6th = 36 Points

7th = 33 Points

8th = 30 Points

9th = 27 Points

10th = 24 Points

11th = 22 Points

12th = 20 Points

13th = 18 Points

14th = 16 Points

15th = 14 Points

16th = 12 Points

17th = 10 Points

18th = 8 Points

19th = 6 Points

20th = 4 Points

Scoring Details

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